WEARUP software modules


Wearup was created to follow the entire production line and could not overlook a delicate stage such as the birth of the prototype, necessary for submission of sample.

The platform allows you to manage the progress of the prototypes and traceability, including the individual elements that compose them. The innovative charts allow a detailed vision and analysis of both the different production phases and the manufacturing costs of the prototype.

You will not have to do complex steps between systems to transfer information from the prototype phase to the presentation phase and finally to the production phase. The system in a few simple steps will work for you.


Thelast stages of planning and preparationof the catalogue are always complex and hectic. The times of the shows, the sales campaigns, the showroom dictate it. But also require precision, attention to detail, thoroughness.

With WearUp everything will be easier. You can manage individual models from design to implementation, with full traceability of the product at different stages. The flexibility of this ERP tool allows to customize the steps according to the production requirements.

With this module you can manage the production progress of the sample, have full visibility also of the variants, produce your catalogues and price lists in a very short timing.


WearUp’s system for collecting orders is designed to be used both offline and connected to the web. It can also be used with a specific APP for Smartphones and Tablets.

The fashion world thrives on very short timings, that have to be handled in different places of the world and now more than ever it requires real-time response. Wearup’s objective is to satisfy the mobility needs of entrepreneurs and sales forces.

Wherever you are you will be able to fill an order, but also know its progress, define multiple size scales for the same model and define the final destinations even though they are different.

It’s an important support for the delivery stages, since already from the start it will be possible to understand the type of delivery. The WearUp platform will finally be able to autonomously decide the packing criteria.


With WearUp the customization degree can vary according to individual needs thanks to the dynamic management of fields and levels of the BOM and the phases of the production level. You can get a tailored management for each type of company with really low costs and be supported at different stages by specific images and videos for every component and/or process.

The structure of WEARUP allows you to use different multilevel BOMs, that is, operate on a bill of materials and simultaneously expand the work on the bill of variants.

The multilevel BOM allows the distribution of components based on user definable variable tables. It will be thus possible to define the production cycles of each article.

The various BOM means efficiency on the analysis and its management, enabling full visibility at one sight on the changes to be made, making simple all modifications. The Bill of variants allows great efficiency in the analysis and management because it allows to display in a single moment the different variants of a model and to easily manage changes.

This is a particularly valuable feature because it allows you to carefully follow all the processes that require contractors or paths separated from the rest of the product, which, if not managed properly, might create production delays.


Management control can not be separated from the control of the budget. You can define forecasts and overall or season analysis and process procurement costs,  fundamental to understand the correct purchase trend, but also the proper use of resources and materials.

One is not limited, however, to analyse the budget, but all the different phases, also in a predictive way, may be subject to analysis and reports to have at any time a complete view and to provide a comprehensive and updated framework in terms of both overall and detailed business intelligence.


WearUp allows you to analyse the needs for each individual component in the different stages of production and run the calculation of the needs parameterising the real needs of production.

  • Materials planning
    You can define what type of management to use. opt for automations directly from the calculation of the needs or manually enter orders based on forecasts of consumption that the system provides.
  • Order to suppliers
    The compilation of the order to the supplier not only can be fully automatic, but may allow you to run simulations based on the operating characteristics of the service providers.
  • Inventory managements
    The same supplier with the Supply Chain Management module will be able to verify and confirm orders and the relative dates of delivery and also evaluate his bank account balance.

The production can be managed in two ways:  Make to Order or Make to Stock.

  • Make to Order: linked to the customer’s order line.
  • Make to Stock: linked to the production of stock launches that are then assigned to different customers.

The Production Planning allows the management of internal and external production lines, in subcontracted or in purchase, but also of mixed systems. All this in real time, without having to be fisically in the company, since the system allows you to connect via the web from anywhere and get an overview of the trends.


WearUp’s WEB Oriented Technology allows you to monitor not only tows and internal departments but also external laboratories, ensuring the tracking of sent materials.

Also faults are managed immediately during the production phase with the recalculation of needs and remissions of any order to suppliers.


The Factory control monitors the processing times that are key variables in order to organize the production time at different stages and schedule deliveries.
WearUp allows you to monitor processing times and provide analyses and alerts on deviations during production to allow interventions to bring greater efficiencies and major optimizations in business management.


Also this is a complex area in fashion in which deliveries are fragmented not only for different customers, but for countries and languages and great flexibility is needed to meet the needs of all.

  • Invoices in different language
  • Intrastat managing
  • Print certificates of origin
  • Packing list and shipping notices
  • Customer-receiver-final receiver invoices
  • Royalties recording
  • Commission management

All this in one versatile and complete tool, integrated with document management for a comprehensive and effective organization of your archives.


Logistic is divided in two partsof industrial management and delivery of finished products. The first allows the management of more than one warehouse, the second ensures an effective delivery phase. The warehouses can be arranged by customer box or by available or pre-assigned technical box.

The system also allows you to support the quality control on the exiting goods.